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COVID and your Home Air System | Virginia Benefits Agents

We have been trying to learn, throughout this past year, what works best to provide additional protection for you, your employees and your family members from the airborne spread of COVID-19.

During 2020, as a number of different experimentations were occurring, the following showed some promising results:

If you are heating or cooling with a forced air system the first recommendation is to constantly move air and change filters monthly! Every fan system has an “auto” and an “on” setting. Until COVID is better understood or hopefully behind us, run your HVAC systems in the constant on setting!

Some of our clients installed ultraviolet lights into their ventilation systems. Ultraviolet light appeared to be somewhat successful, but had a side effect of contributing an abundance of dust.

Others installed positive ion generators into their HVAC systems and lab results have verified significant success as well as elimination of the dust issue. One client installed iwave-R Residential Air Cleaners in each of their retail locations during the year and have had no COVID outbreaks within their stores or their employee population.

Bottom line, keep air moving, change air filters regularly and it appears the installation of positive ions into your system will kill most bacteria and viruses.

We hope this helps keep you a bit safer.

by Bill Kite, Owner, D&S Agency





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